The most common sex myths

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The most common sex myths

Some myths are harmless, while on the other hand many myths are dangerous because they can change the way you approach sex, encouraging you to take more risks or feel less satisfied.

So for your safety and sexual satisfaction, here are our top debunked sex myths.

MYTH 1: You can get an STD from a toilet seat

FACT: Thankfully, this is untrue for two main reasons, many disease-causing organisms can only survive a short time on surfaces like a toilet seat and STDs are transferred through contact with open orifices or wounds. As far as many experts believe, no one has caught an STD from a toilet seat (unless they were having sex on one). But, don’t let this stop you from washing your hands thoroughly after using the restroom, because you can still catch a cold, amongst other illnesses!

MYTH 2: You can’t get pregnant on your period

FACT: Although unlikely, you can still get pregnant if you have unprotected sex on your period. This is because every woman is different when it comes to when she ovulates and sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for up to 5 days, giving more of an opportunity for fertilization after your period too.

MYTH 3: Most women can have an orgasm through vaginal sex alone

FACT: Actually, it’s believed that only 30% of women can have an orgasm through vaginal sex alone. This means that you shouldn't be shy about practising other forms of pleasure through the use of clitoris stimulation. Talk to your partner about what works for you in the bedroom, because good sex is all about communicating your needs.

MYTH 4: You can only get HIV through sex

FACT: You can get HIV through a variety of sexual acts such as oral, vaginal and anal, although you can also get HIV if infected blood gets into your body. This can happen in rare cases of a blood transfusion or an infected needle like one that is used for a tattoo or piercing. Women who have sex with women are also at risk for contracting HIV, so always be careful and take steps towards prevention.

MYTH 5: Certain sex positions can prevent pregnancy

FACT: You can get pregnant standing up, sitting down, in a head stand, jumping while having sex, you name it. Any vaginal sex where a penis enters the vagina can lead to the risk of pregnancy. Sex positions do not determine or lower the risk of pregnancy.

MYTH 6: The average duration of sex is 30 min

FACT: The length of sex depends on the couple and the situation, there is no real normal duration. Actually, the commonly desired duration of sex is known to be somewhere between 7-13 minutes long, meaning that good sex isn’t necessarily longer.