The health benefits of sex for women

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May 30, 2019

The health benefits of sex for women

Did you know that have regular sex can help live a happier and healthier life? Here's 6 ways your sex life can improve your wellbeing👇

Boosts immune system

Some studies have shown that regular sex can boost your immune system, with people who have sex once or twice a week having more illness-fighting antibodies, and a higher sense overall wellness.

Better sleep

Having regular sex can help you fight insomnia and and fall asleep soundly, especially when you have an orgasm. This is due to the release of the 'love' hormone, oxytocin, as well a the rush of endorphins, leaving you feeling sleepy and relaxed after sex.

Pain relief

The rush of pain-relieving endorphins and relaxtion of the muscles after orgasm makes sex your very own DIY (or with a friend) menstrual cramp treatment! Having an orgasm during your period can actually shorten your period too! It's common to experience a higher sex drive on your period - all the more reason to embrace it.

Relationship health and happiness

This one is a bit of a chicken and the egg situation; happy couples tend to have sex more often, and the physical act of having sex actually increases the hormone oxytocin in the body. This hormone is responsible for feelings of trust and associated with relationship satisfaction, meaning that regular sex can enhance intimacy and the connection you have with your partner.

Cardiovascular health

Sex can be a great form of exercise, improving heart health and reducing your resting heart rate. However, this doesn't mean you should forego other cardio workouts as it isn't as effective as running or HIIT!

Boosted confidence

Sex can increase your confidence and help you embrace your sexual side, discovering what feels good for you. Plus, the hormones produced from sex promote a better overall mood, enhance your sex drive and result in higher rates of sexual satisfaction in general.

Sex isn’t the only thing that’s good for you

If you don’t have a sex partner, there are tons of ways to live a healthier life and promote your sexual well-being. Masturbation has many of the same benefits as sex, and genuine acts of intimacy such as cuddling and deep listening release oxytocin, promoting bonding, emotional understanding and fulfilment.