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Become an expert on your menstrual cycle

We’ve all been caught off guard by changes in our cycle affecting our body and our mood. If you want to get predictions about your cycle, discover patterns and learn all about why you feel the way you do, check out our ‘Insights’ feature!

What can Insights do for me?

  • With everything else happening in our lives, we can’t always keep tabs on whether our cycles were the correct length. One easy glance at Insights shows you whether you cycle was regular. If it was irregular, we’ll let you know by how much.
  • Find patterns in your logged observations linking body changes to your phases and each other. Insights offers a better way to keep tabs on upcoming changes with mood and body observation predictions based on your own personal cycle.
  • Learn all about the phases of your menstrual cycle and providing scientific reasoning behind why you may be experiencing a change during your phase and how to help manage.
  • Keep track of your sexual activity and pill intake. Check how many times you’ve had sex this month, and during which phase of your cycle at a glance! Perfect whether you’re trying for a baby... or just like keeping score.

Why is it important?

  • To do the remembering for you! Does your mind ever go blank at the doctors office? You're not alone! With all of your logs and observations organised in one place, Insights is the perfect reference for any appointment.
  • For your mental health. Tracking your cycle can help you keep tabs on your mental health and its fluctuations throughout your cycle. Insights can help you record and anticipate ups and downs in your mental health, so that you can take extra care when you need it most.
  • To be empowered. Knowing why your body reacts to changes in your cycle is a huge step in banishing the shame that some women and girls feel around their periods. At Cycles, we believe that nobody should be in the dark about their reproductive health.

Ready to get started? Become an expert on your menstrual cycle today.