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What is Partner Connect?

Talking about your period can be hard. With Partner Connect, your partner can stay up to date on your cycle, breaking down the “menstrual wall” between the two of you and giving them an insight into your cycle.

Why connect?

  • You might have heard that a problem shared is a problem halved. Did you know that it’s actually true? If PMS symptoms are getting you down, sharing your cycle with your partner can allow you to gain emotional support when you need it most.
  • To share responsibility for your sex life! Kiss goodbye to awkward hinting that “it’s just not a good time right now” and give your partner a heads up when planning sexy time and vacations.
  • To involve them more intimately in pregnancy plans. Having your partner understand your ovulation days and fertility windows lets you work as a team when planning intimate moments together as you try for a baby.
  • To help your partner learn about your cycle. Many partners shy away from talking about periods because they don't fully understand what's happening (or have heard a few scary myths)! Having your partner learn about your cycle can pave the way for more open conversations about your menstrual health.

How do we get started?

Partner connect is available to all Cycles Premium users. Simply go to the Profile tab and tap Partner Connect to invite your partner.

Your partner will need to download Cycles, choose “Follow someone’s Cycle” and create an account. Then, they can tap the email link from you to open Cycles and accept your invitation.

Remember, your partner will be able to view your cycle information, but won’t be able to read your logs, observations and sexual activity. Those are for your eyes only!

Want to give Partner Connect a go for free? Download Cycles and start the free trial, giving you access to Partner Connect, Reminders and Insights!

How do I stop sharing?

To stop sharing your cycle with your partner, simply go to the profile page and tap Partner Connect, then Edit and Remove Partner.

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