Built for you,

great for both.

No more feeling in the dark about your own reproductive health. With personalized observations and a unique design bringing you and your partner together, Cycles knows how to make the most out of period tracking.

Why Cycles?

  • Take control 2x
    Take Control

    Never forget again. No more missed pills or ruining your favourite pair of underwear. Cycles does the remembering for you so you can focus on more important tasks.

  • Stay informed 2x
    Stay Informed

    Knowledge is power. Log observations on your body and mood daily to keep track of similarities or differences within your cycle - a great reference for doctors appointments!

  • Be empowered 2x
    Be Empowered

    Everything you need in the palm of your hand. Cycles offers you a variety of tools to help you stay on top of your cycle all backed by scientific research methods.

  • Have confidence 2x
    Have Confidence

    Don't let your period get the better of you. With automatic tracking you can see when you'll get your period, start ovulating or experience PMS months in advance.

Cycles Home

Reliable and Intuitive

Cycles keeps track of your past, current and future periods keeping you on top of your game.

  • One glance 2x
    One Glance

    Easily spot upcoming changes in your cycle, including which days you're most fertile in green and your specific ovulation day in blue.

  • Track changes 2x
    Track Changes

    A quick tap allows you to keep track of changes throughout your cycle. Log moods, observations, sexual activity all in one spot.

  • Plan ahead 2x
    Plan Ahead

    Quickly see months ahead with the scrolling calendar to plan upcoming events, vacations and more all with your cycle in mind.

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Dig Deeper with Insights

Insights provides a deeper understanding into your cycle, helping you become an expert on your body's natural rhythm.

  • Get predictions 2x
    Get Predictions

    Cycles offers a better way to keep tabs on upcoming changes with mood and body observation predictions based on your own personal cycle.

  • Discover patterns 2x
    Discover Patterns

    The more your input into Cycles the more Insights you have. Insights Overview can help you find patterns within your logged observations linking body changes to your phases and each other.

  • Understand you 2x
    Understand You

    Insights offers a detailed look at your observations, providing scientific reasoning behind why you may be experiencing a change during your phase and how to help manage.

Cycles illustration couple 2x

A Cycle Built for Two

Cycles is the only app of its kind designed for the both of you. Invite your partner to follow your cycle, connect and plan intimate moments.

  • Gain emotional support when you need it
  • Open the dialogue of menstrual health
  • Plan time together on special days
  • Involve them more intimately in pregnancy plans
  • Total privacy - just for the two of you
Cycles illustration scientific 2x

Modern, Research-Based Fertility Tracking

Using Cycles for family planning means taking advantage of new scientific research more accurate than the 'rhythm calendar method' of yesteryear.

Even with a real-world failure rate comparable to that of condoms, Cycles is designed for informational purposes only and should not be used to prevent pregnancy.

Cycles watch 1

Cycles Watch App

Always stay in-sync with your cycle by using our watch app. Convenient user interface to view your entire cycle instantly.

User Reviews

  • Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating

    Would be lost without this app

    Cycles has helped me track my irregular period and find the pattern and better my understanding of my cycle.

    By Gcamden

  • Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating

    Great app

    We also used this app to get pregnant and our little one was conceived on our very first attempt due to ‘getting active’ on the day it stated I would be ovulating.

    By Corrie153

  • Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating

    Great app for tracking

    I love this app, let's me log my temp, how I'm feeling physically and emotionally, and obviously when I'm ovulating and my period.

    By Toledov

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